First party analytics with full control

Event collector that delivers device and customer data directly to your data store. Integrates with your existing data and tooling. Ready for big data and AI workloads.

For data driven companies that want to fully own their data.
Build on top of you own data store and access data directly with your favorite tools. compatible with many data tools

First party behavior analytics

Focus on your customer

Get user behavior data delivered to your data store and combine it with your existing data. Load the data into your warehouse to create reports or directly access parquet files for advanced analytics with AI/ML.

First party data collection.
Build you own customer data platform and with 100% control of your data. With your own domain and first party collection endpoints your trackers are also less likely to be blocked by ad-blockers.
Use all your sources.
Track your website, mobile app, servers and everything else. The collector is compatible with many open source trackers. Use one of the many existing SDKs or send events directly to the collector API.
Full privacy controls. makes it easy to comply with regulations and respect users privacy. We support anonymous data collection and all settings for privacy and PII are fully under your control. screenshot

Coming soon

Customer Profiles

Combine behavior data into a customer profiles powered by machine learning. Get a 360 degree view of your customers and use the power of AI to do prediction on your own customer model.

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Simple no-tricks pricing

We believe in a simple and transparent business model. You pay for the volume of events you track and get discounts for commitment and volume.

No vendor lock-in. We open-source our code and you are welcome to self-host our solution. We use open formats and stay compatible with open source software whenever possible. Find us on github.

Our professional plan

200k 1M 5M 10M 20M

With events and all the features you need.

What’s included

  • First events per month
  • First party collection with your own domain
  • Unlimited users und trackers
  • Connectors and direct data access

Starting at

€20 per month

billed annually, events per month

Get started

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Not only for enterprises

Build your custom plan

We can offer additional features and custom solutions that exactly fit your needs. Reach out to us and we can discuss your requirements and find the best solution for you. Our Enterprise offers start with a commitment of as low as 500€ per month.

High volume
In addition to volume discounts, we can offer dedicated processing solutions for very high volumes (100M+ events per month).
Enterprise grade service
We offer advanced access control with SSO, dedicated support and SLAs, as well as custom data storage and access options.
Real time event pipeline
We can offer streaming solutions that push events directly to your data pipeline.
White labeling
We can help you build custom analytics solution tailored to your and your customers exact needs.